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A spanish doctor adviSe people about what he saw in C0VID 19

A spanish doctor advice people about what he saw in C0VID 19

  •  A Spanish doctor said:
    Your body temperature will rise; And you will keep going up until you think your forehead is in front of a volcano, the hottest heat you can feel in your life, as if you were in hell.
    You will cough so badly that you will become tired and dead like a corpse.
    Every time you cough, you will feel sharp pain in your chest, arms, eyes ... and will even reach your fingers and toes.
    You will try hard to get air into your lungs, but you can't. You will try to breathe more and more quickly, but you will contribute to filling your veins with carbon dioxide gas that may kill you.
    Then I will step in and try to put a breathing mask on your nose to supply you with oxygen that your lungs are no longer able to get.
    If this does not help you and your condition begins to tighten, we will insert two tubes through your throat, you will feel severe pain and suffocation when inserting them, we will not stop at that, of course, we will continue to insert them until they reach the ends of your trachea, this is called artificial respiration, and whatever you describe you you cannot imagine the top of the nuisance And pain, you will not be able to speak, eat or drink.
    You will be alone on the recovery bed, you will feel anxiety and fear of sudden death, no one will be able to approach you nor speak to you, except for doctors and nurses who dress up like astronauts' clothes for fear that the infection will transmit them.
    No one will approach you from your family members so that the closest people to you will be as far away as ever.
    Your breathing will narrow more and then you will cough and feel a lot of pain, and you and my companions will call me hundreds of times day and night.
    All of this you could have avoided if you sat home with your family.
    (About a Spanish doctor).

    The symptoms are real and the terrifying device is not available
    I wish you could sense danger
    People will be positive and post the post as well as post the tuk-tuk and hospitality
    We are in danger
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